A 5,000 Acre Wholesale Farm 40 Miles West of Houston, Tx

We grow with biodiversity in mind.

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Specimen Trees

Turf Grass


It’s hard finding a local source of high-quality plants for your landscape project needs.

You want a local grower to supply trees, shrubs and turf grass, but you don’t know where to go. We can help.

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We Care About The Environment

We grow with Biodiversity in mind.


We grow and sell a variety of specimen boxed and field grown trees.


We grow Raleigh St. Augustine and Tifway 419 Bermuda grass.


We grow 1-5 gallon container flowering and landscape shrubs.

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We Have Fantastic Partners.

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Coming Soon To Twinwood Farms

  • Pecans
  • Golden Kiwi
  • Hemp

Wholesale Tree Farm With Biodiversity In Mind

Twinwood Farms has over 5,000 farm acres near Houston, Tx. We grow with biodiversity in mind. We care about the environment and want to boost ecosystem productivity.